Wild Elk surprised 2 Boys by Joining their Soccer Game in Colorado

A family in Evergreen, Colorado were shocked and delighted when a curious elk decided to join their teens’ soccer game.

Not only did the elk join in on the game, but the elk even scored a goal! ABC News shared the video on Monday, June 17th, and it’s a fun one to watch!

Wild Elk Plays Soccer with Two Young Boys in Colorado

The family was out enjoying a summer evening when some elk moseyed through their yard. The teens, who were kicking a soccer ball around, noticed the elk was watching and kicked the ball to it.

The elk ‘kicked’ it back, and the teens returned the ball to it again. Watch what happens next because you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Wild Elk Delights 2 Young Boys by Joining Them for a Game of Backyard Soccer  — Watch!

The elk scored! I’m sure the teens didn’t expect that to happen and lucky for us, the family captured the goal on video. ABC News commenters also got a kick (see what I did there!) out of the elk’s goal.

One commenter pointed out, “I love how it looks down both times to see if will be thrown back up to it.” and another added, “Good for those kids for including him!” @gummisius admitted, “I’d rather watch this than women’s soccer.” @partyof1 had my favorite comment, “Now THAT’S a wholesome moment!! I bet that elk was watching for ages and was like I bet it’s not that hard to do! I have FOUR legs ….haha haha!!”

Interesting Facts About Elk

Teens Get a Big Surprise When an Elk Joins Their Soccer Game and Scores -  PetHelpful News

Many of us live in places where we share our yards with local wildlife. I’m sure this family seeks elk and deer on their property daily, but they probably don’t get to play soccer with them very often!

Elk are quiet animals who prefer to be left alone and steer clear of humans. Elk are highly social animals and live in herds. They are much smaller than moose but a larger than deer and grow three to five feet tall. Male elk are called bulls, females are called cows, and babies are calves. Calves are born in May and June and at birth their camouflaged colored fur helps to conceal them from predators.

Curious Colorado elk surprises kids by joining them for a game of soccer |  Focusing on Wildlife

Male elk have antlers that grow extremely fast. I didn’t know this, but antlers are actually bone, and in just about six months, they go from nubs on the elk’s head to six-or seven-point racks. I also didn’t know that not all elk lose their antlers every mating season. During mating season, males compete against other elk and if they lose (meaning they don’t find a mate during the rut) they keep their antlers until the next mating season. The sound they make to find a mate is called “bugling” and only males do it.

These guys can run fast, up to 45 miles per hour, so if you ever come across one, stand your ground because you can’t outrun them! Never approach a herd and stay far away from them. How much distance should you keep from them? Redwoods Rising shares a tip in this video and all you need is your thumb. It’s one I’m going to keep in my back pocket for the next time we go hiking in the woods!

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