Hero Man Buys Sea Turtles from Food Market then Releases them Back to Sea

Thank God for this kind person!

Why are people permitted to trade sea turtles while all species are in danger of extinction?

You might not be aware that there are plenty of wild animals—including marine animals—waiting for people’s attention and help, even though we constantly hear about pets that have been saved!

Sad to say, a large portion of the world still permits the legal killing of turtles for food. In Greymouth, New Zealand, there were two Papua New Guinea sea turtles in a small neighborhood market. str.anded there, ready to be served as a delectable feast to someone.

If Arron Culling, a good man, hadn’t been here and spared them, perhaps it really would have occurred. Sometimes small acts of kindness have a big influence.

With a great goal in mind—to restore the turtles to the sea, their warm, natural habitat—Arron and his friends paid more than [$.40] to fetch the turtles back.

Although six of the world’s seven sea turtle species are classified as endangered or vulnerable, marine turtle fishing remains legal in much of the world.

This includes Papua New Guinea, Australia and Mexico, where coastal communities harvest turtles for their meat and shells.

More than ten turtles have been saved, but he is conscious that no one person can change the world; we all need to work together! These two turtles are not the first that they have genuinely saved; more than ten turtles have been saved!

To conserve this amazing species, we must act!

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