Tiny Monkey Taking Care of Ducklings Melting Your Hearts, They’re so CUTE

We’ve featured plenty of unexpected animal friendships over the years, but we bet you’ve never seen anything like this one.

Many of us are a sucker for videos of animals doing adorable things. These types of clips get millions of views on social media, as they appeal to audiences of all ages, genders, and interests.

If you’re one of those people, this footage of a baby monkey caring for a brood of baby ducklings will make your day.

Precious video shows baby monkey caring for baby ducks like they're his  family

Baby monkeys and donkeys are already cute in themselves, so when you bring them together, the level of adorable gets turned up a notch!

Even the hardest of hearts would mellow upon watching eight minutes of pure cuteness, care of these animals. The clip, which is set against calming music, shows the baby animals hanging out together.

The video begins with the tiny monkey lovingly staring down at the group of ducklings. The birds were grooming the monkey’s fur while the primate carefully pets the little ones. You can see how content they were being in each others’ company.

A baby monkey with a brood of ducklings

After a few moments, the monkey gives one of the ducklings a big hug while the rest stay huddled together. At this point, I believe the hearts of viewers have completely melted into a huge puddle. If there was a contest for the cutest animal video, I bet this one would be tough to compete with!

When the monkey went off to look for snacks, the ducklings trailed behind him, not letting him get too far away. Judging by their actions, they seem to think that the monkey is their mother. This happy family obviously couldn’t get enough of each other.

When snack time came, the ducklings are seen eating rice served on a big leaf, while the monkey drinks liquid from a prepared baby bottle. Although they have different diets, the animals still want to enjoy mealtime together.
After a full day of playing, the group chows down their food to pack on energy for their next adventures.

A baby monkey drinking from a baby bottle and duckling eating rice served on a big leaf

When the monkey climbed up a tree to practice his swings, it seemed like he had left his “babies.” But when he climbed back down, his fuzzy friends were at the bottom waiting for him. Talk about being clingy!

The monkeys and the ducklings continue to explore their forest home a bit more. There are various plants, bugs, and dirt surrounding them, but the best part is that they get to navigate their babyhood with their best friends by their side.
The primate couldn’t help but munch on the plants and flowers he encounters, seemingly hungry again after all that swinging.

While a few of the ducklings got some shut-eye, the monkey stood by as if making sure that no harm would come to them during their nap.
Luckily for these ducklings, they didn’t have to worry about predators attacking them because the monkey was there to protect them.

A baby monkey with a brood of ducklings

Here are some of the viewers’ comments.
“I cannot stop smiling, so pure and beautiful.”
“Beautiful, just beautiful! These little honies have made my whole day! May God bless them all their days. And to the makers of this adorable video, thank you.”

“They are so precious & innocent! Animals somehow work together, unless of course they’re predators. But these beautiful babies are just so gentle & kind! It brings tears to you’re eyes because you don’t see it very often with people!”

Click on the video below to see the heartwarming bond between this baby monkey and his winged buddies. Please share this story with your friends and family.

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