Dolphins Teamwork Trick Fish with Mud “NET” to Lure Prey into Clever Trap

Let’s face it, dolphins are cute and truly adorable. It’s very common to find people watching attentively whenever dolphins are being featured on television shows or wait patiently in line just to see these lovable mammals perform in sea parks.

What some people fail to recognize is that dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals, too.

So intelligent, in fact, that according to Dolphins-World, in terms of intelligence, dolphins take one of the top spots as compared to other animals.

The EQ of dolphins is also higher than other type of animals including chimpanzees, whales, and great apes.

The need to eat is something that’s universal for almost every living thing on the planet, and dolphins are no exception.

While other animals usually rely on physical strength to overcome their prey when they hunt for food, dolphins use strategy and teamwork — an astonishing occurrence caught on camera.

The video, featured by One Life, BBC, is just a proof that dolphins are quite intelligent creatures.

The fish “mud net” was created by the only female bottle-nose dolphin while the male dolphins of the same species wait until the disoriented, trapped fish jump from the mud net straight into their mouths.

Using the mud net strategy is something observed to be common in botttlenose dolphins from Florida bay. Hunting for food is something dolphins (and other animals) need to do in order to survive.

Dolphins spotted trapping fish in mud rings in the Caribbean | New Scientist

Getting to know more about them by watching these rare videos showing us how they live their lives can help us understand them better, can help us see their other remarkable traits — something beyond the cute, playful nature they usually show us.

And witnessing how dolphins use their intellect to survive is just an incredible thing to see.

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