Rescuers Surprised that this Stray “Barking Animal” was Not a Dog at All

When locals in a village in Thailand spotted a baby animal running around and barking near packs of street dogs, they immediately realized something was wrong.

Despite the baby’s dog-like cries, he definitely wasn’t a dog — he was a muntjac deer who had wandered away from a nearby forest and was now all alone.

As soon as the villagers realized what was happening, they contacted Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) for help.

baby deer

The baby deer, later named Cha Lao, was only a few days old and clearly needed help. He was being chased by street dogs and would bark to try and keep them away, something muntjac deer do when predators are near. He was so young and small that he definitely wouldn’t have lasted much longer on his own.

WFFT managed to catch Chao Lao and immediately rushed him to their wildlife hospital. He began receiving specialist care, including being bottle-fed, and his rescuers could see how much more relaxed he already was.

baby deer

So far, Chao Lao is doing well in his rescuers’ care. He’s been going for daily walks around the vet clinic to build his strength.

He’s still a little wobbly on his feet, but he’s getting stronger every day, and he loves exploring his surroundings like a brave little guy.

baby deer

A baby deer was not who anyone expected to find living among dogs, but luckily he was found just in time. He’s happy and safe now and will hopefully continue to grow and thrive.

baby deer

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