Dog Stops Lion and Tiger from Fighting in Zoo

In a video that has gone viral, a dog can be seen jumping infront of tiger and lion in zoo in order to stop them from fighting.

Earlier, videos of dogs nursing lion and tiger cubs surfaced online. The Internet was just getting used to dogs and wild cats getting friendly when yet another clip showcasing a pure bond started making rounds online.

In the now-viral clip, a dog can be seen breaking off a fight between a lion and a tiger.

Yes, you heard it right, and the video will surely leave you elated. It is not a common sight to see a tiger and a lion in each other’s vicinity, let alone a dog joining them.

In the wild, both predators prefer to stay away from each other. However, even in terms of domesticated ones, the sight is quite rare.

In the video shared on Twitter by user Pareekh Jain, a labrador can be seen pulling on the tiger’s ear to separate it from the lion. While the dog calms down the tiger, the lion stands in front of them motionless.

The tiger tries to escape the labrador’s grip by using its paws and manages to break free. However, the two canines started fighting again but the dog quickly jumped between the two and put an end to the fight.

In just few days, the video has garnered more than 25.1k views and tons of comments. People flocked the comment section with their reactions.

One person wrote, “I love how the Tiger isn’t mad at the dog” and another joked, “The tiger knew full well that fighting each other is wrong and the only way is to talk it out.”

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