Lucky Wild Fox left the Fur Farm and Lived a Happy Life thanks to this Nice Guy

Woody, the fox, was raised on a fur farm in Russia and his life was about to end in a tragic manner. The poor animal would have been put to death if Yarosalv had not intervened.

The human saw the fox and could not bear to let him be murdered for his fur coat. Yaroslav paid the fur farm owners the price that they expected for the creature’s coat and brought the poor animal home.

#1. When your human’s arms are so comfy that you instantly fall asleep.

Though Woody was rather distant at first, the fox soon adapted to his new surroundings.

#2. Standing tall and proud.

Now, the adorable fox is living his life to the fullest and is very grateful to his owner for rescuing him from the fur farm.

#3. Aren’t I just adorable?

Since it is not an easy task to domesticate an animal like a fox, we truly believe that Yaroslav deserves to be appreciated for his efforts.

#4. The cold never bothered me anyway.

Thanks to him Woody got a second chance at life.

#5. Blending in with the autumn leaves.

#6. By the time you get home after work.

#7. Raaaaaawr.

#8. Right where I belong.

#9. When a seal and a fox have a kid together.

#10. My owner asked me to act playful and that’s exactly what I did.

#11. Playing dead.

#12. Nothing here to see, just a fox on a leash.

#13. Adorable is my middle name.

#14. A smug smile is how you get a girl to fall for you.

#15. Hide and seek.

#16. Just look at my fiery red coat glow.

#17. Gimme treats hooman.

#18. Who’s a good fox? I am!

#19. When you’re too mad at your human and don’t want to look at him.

#20. Came for a midnight stroll with my favorite human being.

#21. It’s selfie time.

#22. Am I cute enough to warm your heart?

#23. Playing in the snow is mandatory.

#24. This is how I tell my human that I’m hungry.

#25. Quenching my thirst after a long walk.

#27. Sightseeing is my favorite thing to do.

#28. The tongue-out pose with this tiny human.

#29. This is how I wake up in the morning knowing that I’m already late.

#30. Hey there stranger.

Image Credit & More Info; woody_the_fox/Instagram


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