Thirsty Hummingbird flew to Woman ask for Water, Came Back Later to say “Thank you”

Chloe Barcelou was prepared for an ordinary day at work. The artist was at her studio situated in New England when she felt as if someone was next to her.

She looked around only to see a stunning green hummingbird that was smaller than her palm. From the looks of it, the bird appeared to be troubled.

“I think he came to ask me for help. He flew and perched right next to be,” Chloe expressed.

The artist had often observed hummingbirds gliding about her neighborhood gardens, but this was the very first close encounter that she had with one.

She was surprised by the creature’s beauty but was curious as to why the hummingbird was alone and next to a human. She then understood that this was no coincidence and that the bird needed help.

“I felt surprised to see him in our workshop, but also a bit worried for him because I knew right away he was stuck,” Chloe commented. She also felt excited inside because she never had such a close encounter with a Hummingbird.

“It looked like a little fairy,” she conveyed. The creature was then offered some water mixed with sugar. Chloe and her partner prepared this concoction and gave it to the bird with a spoon.

The bird drank this sweet mixture happily and began to gain its energy back. The hummingbird’s eyes opened after around two minutes.

It was clear that the energy was making its way back into the creature’s tiny frame. The hummingbird filled up his tiny stomach and then made his way outside. Chloe was glad to see the bird flying away into the blue skies.

The very next day the human noticed the same bird flying about near her house and looking at her like it wanted to thank the human for her kindness.

“That’s just my personal intuition, that it was the same bird with a message because it looked the same. It just seemed fitting that it would have come back and said thank you!” she said, and we could not agree more.

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