Lion is Going to Lose Fight with 20 Hyenas, Until His Brother Shows up to Save Him

It’s time we finally understand the truth and the relevance behind the phrase “two is better than one”, and this video from BBC Earth is the perfect example.

The video, that you can find at the end of the article, features Red, a young lion facing a pack of more than 20 hyenas while exploring the perimeters of his territory. No matter how strong Red is and how loud he growls, he’s largely outnumbered and is clearly going to lose the battle. All he could do was keeping them at bay, and there was clearly no way he could win alone.

A sigh of relief will calm your hearts as you watch his brother Tatu enter the scene, becoming the hero of the story. The best part is probably at the end of the video, when the two show their love for each other through affectionate gestures.

This is Red, a young lion setting off alone to explore the boundaries of his territory.

In the middle of his short journey he came across 20 hyenas.

It didn’t go well for Red since he was largely outnumbered.

All he could do was keep them at bay, but the Hyenas were succeeding in wearing him out.

At last his brother Tatu heard Red’s cry, and rushed to the scene to save him.

With such a glorious entrance, Tatu’s presence drove all the Hyenas away.

They scurried away as they accepted their defeat.

Red got some wounds from the fight, but he’s going to be forever grateful to Tatu for saving his life.

The thrill was quickly replaced with bliss as the two showed how much they love each other, even to the point of putting their own life on the line.

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