Mama Swan Honks with Joy when She is Reunited with Her missing Baby

When rescuers from The Waterfowl Sanctuary came across a baby swan who was having trouble breathing, they immediately took him in.

He was struggling to keep up with his family and would have ended up being left behind.

“Once the bird got near, I could hear a gurgling from deep down as it breathed,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. “It received a course of antibiotics along with some chest physio to try and loosen whatever was in his airways.”

After a week, the swan’s breathing started to return to normal, and after an additional week of observation, he was finally ready to be reunited with his family.

The baby swan’s rescuers knew his mom might not be super pleased that they took her son away from her. They weren’t expecting a warm welcome — but when she saw that her baby was back safe, nothing else mattered.

As soon as the mama swan saw her baby being carried towards her, she started running to greet him. He kept calling out to her, and soon the pair were honking together, so happy to be reunited.

Even after her son wandered off, the mama swan kept honking, almost as if she was thanking his rescuers for bringing her baby back to her.

Baby swans usually stay with their parents for four to five months after being born, so it was probably quite a shock to the mama swan when her baby suddenly disappeared. Luckily, he’s home now.

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