Man Burst into Tears During Unforgettable Healing by Gentle Therapy Horse

Most animals have more compassion than humans. They can sense when there is something wrong.

And Horses do give unconditional love and he needed love too! Please don’t scroll without giving them some love!

Making others happy is sometimes the quickest way to happiness!

People often think of dogs when they think of emotional animals, but horses are also very affectionate animals, and there is even an equine therapy center.

Horses are also affectionate and loyal animals!

A therapy horse named Paçoca approaches a be.dr.id.den man in in Brazil, attempting to calm him down. The horse simply rests its head on his chest and comforts him!

As the horse snuggles up the man’s chest, you can see him start to cry!

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This is the first time a horse has acted in this manner in this facility!

Animals have the magical ability to heal our souls through unconditional love. This horse brought a lot of comfort to the man who was desperate and scared because he was fighting a [te.rrib.le di.se.ase].

Thank You for Showing This Man Love & Support!

Horses give unconditional love, and he needed it as well.

God bless him, his handler and owners, and especially every person whose life is made brighter by his visit!

Look at this emotional moment in video bellow:

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