Massive Great White Shark Jumped Out of Water, Steal Tuna from Fishermen

THIS is the terrifying moment a great white shark dives out of the water perilously close to fishermen on its path to steal their tuna.

These hungry seafarers were not expecting the ferocious beast to thrash out from the water and snatch their catch inches from their arms.

The group was actually on a scientific mission from Standford University hoping to catch a glimpse of a great white, however it shockingly appeared right when they weren’t expecting it.

The great white sneakily approaches out from the deep

“We wanted tuna for our dinner, and we had one on the line,” wrote Dr. Andrew Huberman on Instagram.

“We were expecting a (meal) reward. A local great white reminded us that when they are around, humans eat last.”

Their unintentional footage ended up being the real catch of the day and he described the site of the shark as “greater than the meal we would’ve had.”

It then ferociously snatches their catch from their hands as they helplessly look on

Half-gnawed tuna aside, he says, “I’ll also never forget that incident because when we get a big and unexpected release of dopamine, it leaves and indelible mark on our memory.”

He continued: “Being in pursuit of something and especially, being right on the cusp of obtaining a reward is a very strong stimulus for dopamine release in the brain.

“But perhaps the greatest stimulus of all for dopamine release is when that is followed by positive surprise.”

Their big meal is lost to the aggressive shark

It was certainly a surprise for those on the boat who jumped back suddenly and watched on helplessly as their food disappeared into the jaws of the gigantic beast.

Meanwhile, fisherman in Australia filmed the shocking moment that a great white attacked their boat after circling it for an hour.

Peter Galea and his pal Joseph were out fishing off the coast of Portland in Victoria when the shark began to terrorism them by attacking the boat.

He later told 9News: “He kept on coming up… when he bit the motor you could see the whites in the eyes.”

Elsewhere, a similar event happened – this time in the virtual space as tech experts created a viral CGI video of a pre-historic shark attacking a ship.

The megalodon shark is said to be the largest to ever grace Earth’s ocean, and the video’s creators wanted to see the damage it could inflict to a large ship.

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