Grateful Raccσσn still Cσmes Back tσ Visit Wσman whσ Saved him 3 Years Later

Wild animals can be as affectionate and loyal as family pets. They sense their human love and kindness for them, so they are happy to let them come to their life. Their humans are special existence in their hearts, and these animals just want to protect it as long as possible.

Little Hands the rescued raccoon in this story is no different. The kind and sweet boy was found all alone on the side of the road when he was still very young. Just a few weeks old, the poor baby animal might have di‌ed if he wasn’t rescued.

At that time, cases like Little Hands faced several scenarios. “Leave it alone and let nature take its course,’ or ‘You can take it to a vet and they will have to euthanize it,’” , who works in wildlife rehabilitation.

Thankfully, the little boy didn’t meet that end. Robinson took in the baby raccoon and raised him until he was strong enough to back to the wild. She believed that he deserved another chance.

Released Back To The Wild, This Rescued Raccoon Keeps Visiting Her Foster  Mom's House To Snuggle With Her

As Robinson was a working full-time, she asked her mom, Linda, a semi-retired for help. Reluctant at first but Linda finally became the raccoon’s foster mom. She could bottle-feed the animal up to five times a day.

Little Hands was rescued and adopted in early June, and by the end of the summer, the healthy boy was ready to strike out on his own. This was where he belonged to.

Amazingly, Little Hands remained friendly with his human family, especially his mom, Linda. He has returned to his house to snuggle with his mom for 3 years.


The kind and sweet raccoon just wants to visit his beloved mom and ask for hugs, belly scratches, and of course, some of his favorite snacks.

Meet Little Hands, The Sweet Raccoon Who's Still Visiting His Rescuers 3  Yrs Later. – InspireMore

“[My mom] has a porch swing where she sits outside, and he would come up and literally crawl onto the swing and sit beside her and just want his butt and chin scratched,” Robinson said. “He wanted his snuggles, then he’d have his food and wander off.”

Linda has adopted numerous orphaned and abandoned raccoon babies since Little Hands left the house. But like kids, they keep paying occasional visits to her house to reunite with her.

“Every day, she sits outside and waits, and even when they’re grown up, they’ll visit her and she just lights up and she just loves it,” Robinson said. “They love her, too — she’s just Mom.” 


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