Strange Foursome: Eagle, Fox and 2 Cats often Gather to Play on the Porch in Alaska

One snowy afternoon, in a faraway land known as Alaska, a rather unusual set of visitors began to gather on a porch.

The four creatures – one feathered, three furry – were beasts seldom seen together but they seemed to get along nonetheless.

The group – comprising a curious fox, a bald eagle and two domestic cats – were captured on camera by a woman who spotted them sheltering from the snow together.

Iconic: A bald eagle perches calmly on the fence outside the front door of the woman's house in Alaska

Calling herself pla1554alaska on YouTube, the lady gives a running commentary as she moves outside to film the animals.

Stepping on to the porch, she explains: ‘I keep hearing these calls for me. I open my door – and – Mr Eagle keeps calling me!’ Amazingly, the bald eagle in question is sitting on a fence post less than a metre away – and is completely unspooked by the presence of a human.

Curious (and cute): A uniquely fearless fox stares back at the camera

Next in frame is the fox, who stares up at the woman as if listening while a gentle veil of snow falls.
‘He’s very quiet,’ she explains.

As one of the household cats darts into the house and out of shot, the fox looks as if it would happily move indoors too.

Just chillin: And the homeowner's two cats don't bat an eyelid at the wildlife

Though the sight would surprise most, the film-maker takes it in her stride, writing on YouTube. ‘Our fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here.’ 

Since then, Pam’s strange pals have continued to pay visits to her cats, and she often posts footage of their endearing friendship on YouTube.

Not one, but at least two eagles can be seen visiting her kitties in one of her films. When you consider that the area is known for its large eagle population, this seems understandable.

Despite the fact that Unalaska has a population of roughly 5,000 people, the little harbor is home to almost 600 bald eagles.

Pam explained, “The eagle pair claimed a lamppost across the street from my house.” “They’ll come over and sit on my porch,” says the narrator. “Or they’ll simply sit there and watch my pets,” says the narrator.

Uploaded on 25 March, the remarkable video has already been watched over 350,000 times.

An eagle, a fox and my cat all getting along fine on my porch

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