Toddler Waddled Up to a Baby Deer, Patiently Waited for It to Accept Her

A mom captured the adorable moment a toddler waddled up to a young deer and petted the animal in a backyard.

The video, which was posted online, shows the little girl called Kate trying to get near the fawn, but it keeps backing away.

The young animal finally relents and lets Kate stroke it as it munches on grass. 

New friendship? Footage of a young girl approaching a deer has been viewed over a million times online

A delighted Kate looks around proudly at eventually achieving her aim and continues to stroke the contented animal’s coat.

Mother Ann Maree, who uploaded the clip on KETV website, wrote online: ‘Our neighbor pointed out the fawn to us, it was in the back yard. My daughter, who is 15 months, decided to walk toward it.

‘After about 15 minutes of back and forth play, the fawn decided it was ok for my daughter to approach it. 

Step forward: The 15-month-old girl, reportedly named Kate, moves towards the animal 

‘It was so amazing, even the ice cream man stopped to watch their interaction.’

The footage of the toddler’s encounter with the animal has already been viewed 1,575,926 times on the social media site as of this writing.

Touch: The young deer has its head in the grass as Kate reaches out to touch it 
Hello! Kate is seen in the backyard with her not-so-shy animal friend

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