Gorgeous Green Tanager in South America has luminous Plumage as Bright as Neon Highlighter

Green is a very underrated color, even though we literally see it all around us. Green symbolizes life, health, nature, productivity, abundance, prosperity, freshness, balance—and just about any positive attribute we can imagine in our lives.

It’s one thing to see the color green in nature’s leaves, but what about seeing it on a fluttering creature?

Meet the brilliant green tanager, a bird so green it almost glows in the dark. It is covered in a beautiful emerald green hue that makes it appear radiant and fluorescent even from afar.

In addition to its green color, the shiny green tanager is distinguished by tiny tufts of orange and gray feathers behind its eyes.

Both males and females of this species are actually similar in appearance, however, females are a less intense shade of green.

Glistening-green Tanager - eBird

They are usually seen in pairs or alone, and like any other tanagers in the South American regions, such as green-headed and grass-green tanagers, they join mixed flocks that forage and move through the forest in search of fruits and insects.

True to its name, this particular species of tanager really shines even from afar, and although nature itself is full of a variety of green colors, their luminous plumage makes them distinct enough that they can sometimes be seen in action!


Meet the brilliant green tanager, a bird you’d expect to blend into nature with its green color, but it’s practically fluorescent.

You would think that this bird would be quite difficult to spot in the wild, given its green color. But it’s so green that it almost glows when you see it!

10 Gorgeous Green Birds of the Americas | American Bird Conservancy

Although they do not have a beautiful combination of multiple colors, their green plumage is bright enough to be distinguished among the green treetops.

This is a raw photo of them, unedited and not enhanced in any way.

This bird is so bright green it looks like neon markings

And yes, they really are that green. They look just like those fluorescent markers we use at school!

Photos posted online may have some color correction applied, but this photo is pretty good proof of what it looks like in real life.

Glistening-green Tanager - eBird

Sometimes spotting them in the wild can be a little tricky, so when this happens they can always be identified by their wheezing and lisping calls and vocalizations.

Some groups, such as those in Ecuador, display more complex song arrangements in which a series of ticking notes are played rapidly, ending in a jumbled group of high notes.

This bird is so bright green it looks like neon markings

They feed on fruits but prefer small insects and larvae.

Most tanagers eat fruit, but this one visits fruit trees somewhat less often than others, since it prefers to eat insects. They can be difficult to keep track of as they are almost always looking for prey.

This bird is so bright green it looks like neon markings


It hangs upside down like a bat and collects insects from the undersides of the foliage. They may also come to feeding stations where there is fruit.

This bird is so bright green it looks like neon markings
The shiny green tanagers are classified as “least concern” and hopefully their numbers won’t be depleted anytime soon. This is just one of the many wonders that nature has to offer!




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