Watch this Bull’s Reaction to the Man wearing Red, He Spent his Entire Life Chained to a Rail

Bandit the bull had spent his whole life confined with chains. He lived his whole life in small, cramped quarters.

His stables were nothing short of sad and pathetic. So when Bandit was finally set free, he was thrilled to show off just how happy he was.

His “dance of freedom” has gone viral ever since it hit the internet. After living a life in chains, he is happy to show just how grateful he is to Christian and the sanctuary that took him in.

Christian is from Gut Aiderbichl, a sanctuary that takes in hundreds of rescues who need homes. At the moment, the facility is housing over 500 calves, cows, and bulls, all of them rescues taken in by the amazing workers.

The huge bull can be seen running happily all over his new home. He playfully digs his hooves down deep into the fresh hay around him.

This is the very first time he is experiencing freedom and he is determined to make the most of it. You’ll laugh with delight when you watch the video for yourself.

Watch this amazing video of bandit the bull realizing that he finally gets to love his life as nature intended-free and happy.

He even approaches his savior, Christian, and begins to nuzzle his gigantic head against him. You will have tears in your eyes when you see this sweet interaction! There is nothing better than seeing an animal so happy for the very first time.

This facility has been a refuge for animals for many years. Gut Aiderbichl adopts animals that have been abused and neglected. The facility also saves them from being eventually slaughtered or put down.

The sanctuary works hard to create a deep, personal relationship between the volunteers and workers and the animals they bring in.

Their environment is a protected one- a place animals can live out their days in peace.

Once they get to the sanctuary, they are free and happy. 

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