Mother Hen Spreads her Wings to raise 3 Orphaned Kittens as if they’re her Own chicks

Parents are not necessarily those who give birth to you, a parent could also be someone who cares for you just like your own mother or father would. This applies to the animal kingdom as well and the adoptive parent does not have to necessarily be from the same species. This story all the way from Iraq demonstrates just that.

Goran Surchi is a Kurdish farmer and soldier who came across something rather unexpected when he visited his chicken coop one day. A chicken had taken in three kittens who were orphaned due to their mother’s death. This chicken had taken the poor creatures under her wing to ensure that they received the proper care, love, and attention that they deserved.

Goran had heard the sound of meows emanating from the chicken coop and made his way there to discover the reason. He had assumed that the chickens were in danger. However, to his shock, he soon came to realize that the sounds were coming from under the chicken. The farmer lifted the chicken only to see three adorable kittens underneath.

The human managed to capture video footage of this discovery and shared it online. To his surprise, the footage went viral. “I decided to record it so as not to miss this unique moment and to my surprise, there were three beautiful kittens there,” conveyed Goran. The hen, whose name was Lee, took over caring for the kittens after their mother had drowned in a lake located near the farm.

“Amazing how our chicken seemed to know the story, thus resolving to take care of the kittens,” Goran further added. Goran shared the footage on TikTok and the video went viral. This human who is surrounded by animals has noticed how kindly and compassionately they treat one another, even those who do not belong to the same species.

After all, these unlikely friendships are what make the animal kingdom a beautiful place. Have a look at the video footage and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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