Kitten Goes Viral with Mask-shaped Marking around her Eyes, just like her Zorro Father

Similar to a birthmark of a human, animals too possess various markings that enable us to easily recognize them. These markings also help them to stand out from the rest of their kind and gain favorable attention.

The boy is an adorable cat with a black-colored mask-shaped marking around his eyes. Due to this feature, he has been nicknamed Zorro, the masked hero that all kids simply adore.

Recently he found himself a new sidekick named Bandit.

Their owner Indraini Wahyudin Noor, owns many cats. However, Zorro and Bandit stand out from the rest.

According to the logic of cartoons, it is difficult to identify someone when they are wearing a mask.

But in our case, the mask makes it easier to identify this cat. Zorro recently became a proud father to a litter of kittens.

One of these kittens resembled his father more than the others. This kitten surely inherited his father’s good looks.

The kitten, Bandit, also has a black mask and cap just like his father does. With the internet working its magic, it didn’t take long for this father and son duo to become popular.

They were able to gain so much attention online. One of their TikTok videos went viral and millions of people from around the world have watched it.

From the looks of it, Boy and Bandit have stolen the hearts of many.

It is not just their masks that have made them popular, the deep bond that they share with one another has also played a major role.


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