A Heartbroken Dog Always Visits The Jetty And Waits For His Master Who Drowned In The River – Zenoonee

Dogs are very loyal animals and their love is special, they have their own way of expressing their affection. Luck’s owner passed away a few weeks ago, the dog could’t let go, so he stayed long time at the place where his owner was for the last time waiting for him to come back.

Heartbroken Luck always visists  the jetty wishing that he will meet his beloved owner again. Sadly his owner drowned in the river after falling from a ship where he was on.

Poor Luck decided to swimm in the lake hoping to find his human parent. A woman named Kerdsomsri spotted the dog battling inside the water and took him out of the river. She was the one who named him Luck. This kind hearted woman wanted to take care of the poor dog. Even though she tries to give him food, Luck refuses to eat and goes on his wating habit at the jetty.

The first day devastated Luck  just howled at the boats and didn’t want anyone to touch him.

Mrs.Kerdsomsri is very sad for seeing the dog suffering like this and she hopes that he will soon get over his owner’s death and be happy again.

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