The Deaf, Blind, and Pink Puppy INSPIRES Optimism and Determination in Challenges

A puppy has captured the hearts of people across the internet for his inspirational story and pink-colored appearance.

Piglet, a deaf-blind pink puppy, was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia along with his mother and three littermates, according to his website. 

Meet Piglet, the Pink Puppy Who Is Blind and Deaf | POPSUGAR Pets

Pinkpigletpuppy.org details that he traveled to Connecticut in March of 2017 to be taken in by a foster family who say he was a 1-pound screaming baby.

As things would have it, his foster home became his forever home when they adopted Piglet in May of 2017. 

After months of screaming and severe separation anxiety, Piglet finally got into a routine snuggling in his dad’s arms, playing with his dog pack siblings and taking walks down the street.

Melissa Shapiro posing with Piglet the Dog

He’s grown a little since then, but he’s also gotten more playful, and some may even say, famous!

Meet Piglet the Deaf, Blind, Pink Dog Inspiring Kindness and Acceptance

In February 2018, Piglet made his New York debut at the New York Pet Fashion Show and was an invited guest to The Body Shop Forever Against Animal Testing parade.

Most recently, he flew out to LA for his second PetCon in June of 2019.

What's So Special About Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy? - Piglet, the deaf  blind pink puppy

Just a reminder that adorable puppies do grow up to be adorable big boys.
This tiny mite is 7 now. It’s hard to believe that the teeny deaf blind pink puppy, born in the midst of a chaotic mess of a hoarding situation, and certainly destined for a short awful life, ended up here with our family.

Meet Piglet - Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy

The tiniest 2 week old Piglet, such a sensitive little guy, stuck not knowing which end was up, with a dog mom who rejected him, and people who were totally out of control.

The rest of the story has been told over and over on social media, on large media like People Magazine, The Dodo, and National news, in our books, and most importantly in schools around the world where children learn from Piglet’s positivity and determination to rise above his challenges.

Piglet the 'Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy' Is Inspiring Others With His Growth  Mindset Program | The Epoch Times

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