Bear Breaks Intσ Hσuse Twice Within Days Tσ Steal Its Favσurite Snack, σreσs !

In a peculiar incident in Monrovia, California, a bear demonstrated its discerning taste for sweets by breaking into a local home and absconding solely with a pack of Oreos. The bizarre event unfolded on a quiet street in the 200 block of Canyon Crest Drive, leaving neighbors both amused and concerned.

Bear Breaks Into California Home, Steals Just A Pack Of Oreos - Unofficial  Networks

According to Eyewitness News, surveillance footage captured the bear deftly entering the residence through a window and exiting with the iconic blue package of Oreo cookies. Neighbor Vina Khoury recounted the harrowing experience, saying, “I was scared to death. He was so close. That never happened before.”

Bear nicknamed 'Oreo' invades Monrovia homes for food, desserts

This is not the first encounter locals have had with the cookie-loving bear. Just last week, a smaller bear infiltrated the same family’s car, making off with groceries that included—unsurprisingly—Oreos. Dominic Sbicca, another resident, noted the increasing boldness of the local bear population. “For the last 10 years, particularly the bears, have become more bold and have assumed more territories as their own,” he said.

Bear nicknamed 'Oreo' invades Monrovia homes for food, desserts

Khoury also shared a previous encounter from the previous year when a bear invaded her garage and rummaged through her refrigerator for a chocolate cake. Reflecting on the recent break-in, she expressed heightened concern: “Now that he actually broke into the house, it’s a bit scary. I feel like I can’t leave a window open even with a screen because he literally took the screen out, so that’s a little alarming for me.”

California bear nicknamed Oreo seen sneaking into home and stealing treats

Fortunately, no injuries were reported following the bear’s latest snack run. Eyewitness News has attempted to contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for further comments but has yet to receive a response. The community remains vigilant, perhaps reconsidering the visibility of tempting treats near windows.

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