Bear Breaks into House and Plays the Piano, Surprised Many People

He snuck out before anyone saw him.

The furry perpetrator behind one recent burglary was gracious enough to leave behind a special musical memento for his victim.

Last week, police in the town of Vail, Colorado, were called to investigate a break-in at local apartment.

The woman who lives there wasn’t home at the time to witness it, but authorities determined that it had been an animal who’d gained access through an open kitchen window to raid her fridge. Whoever it was had made a clean getaway.

It was only after checking her home surveillance system that the homeowner discovered the culprit was a bear — and he did more than just eat. As video from the incident shows, for a brief, magical moment, the bear even played her piano.

While the animal is clearly no musical prodigy, the fact that there’s footage of a wild bear playing piano at all likely makes this clip one of a kind.

Still, the authorities weren’t so impressed with the bear’s performance, issuing this scathing review in a press release:

“The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly, according to police. Although officers searched the area, the suspect is still at large.” The “suspect is still at large,” according to police. 

We know that it is not only born who break into homes but also small woodland critters that invited themselves in after seeing an opportunity that we fail to notice.

This happens because people are the ones who invaded their natural habitat and built a home for themselves.

Obviously, some creatures would be curious about such obtrusive sight. Although, most of the time, animals break in seeking food or shelter to protect themselves from an upcoming storm.

Therefore, we cannot really blame them for that, and people should have no reason to purposely harm them for their actions.

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