Devoted Dog Walks 4 Miles every Night to get FOOD for her Extended Family

Meet Lilica, a street dog who was abandoned in front of a junkyard in one of So Paulo’s slums.

Many homeless humans and animals live here, including dogs, cats, and chickens, all of whom are joined in their poverty and doing their best to aid one another.

Lilica, despite being a stray dog, is a shining example of love and charity. A homeless dog’s existence is never easy, but she always makes sure that her children and friends are fed.

Each night, she walks 4 miles through dark and dangerous roads to the home of animal lover Lucia Helena De Souza, who gives her with a food bag.

She then returns to the junkyard to feed the rest of her ‘family,’ which includes a dog, a cat, numerous chickens, and a mule, all of which have thankful hearts.

Animal enthusiast Lucia first encountered Lilica three years ago as the dog was foraging for food near her house. Lucia fed the dog, and she returned every night to get her ration.

They established a regular ritual in which Lucia would cook an extra batch for Lilica and they would meet at 9 p.m. to enjoy hugs, cuddles, and a hot supper.

One night, she noticed Lilica looking at the bag of food instead of eating it. After Lucia closed the plastic bag, Lilica took it and walked away as usual.

Lucia followed the dog and learned something wonderful: Lilica shared food with her family even when she was hungry.

The dog has been doing this for three years, and she still comes back every night to feed the other animals, even after being adopted. She is just concerned with ensuring that no one goes hungry.

What a wonderful story!

Let us give a standing ovation to Lilica, for her wonderful heart, and to all animal lovers, such as Professor Lucia Helena, who fed and cared for her.

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