Dolphin Jumps of Joy as Kissing the Dog on Boat in a Amazing Video

A magic moment caught between a dolphin and a dog. This clip is from the award-winning IMAX classic, DOLPHINS by MacGillivray Freeman Films.

On a sunny day, by the serene coastline, a dog was seen curiously peering into the waters, perhaps intrigued by the ripples or the shimmering reflection of the sun.

Little did the dog know, a friendly dolphin was approaching, equally curious about the four-legged creature on the shore.

As the dolphin neared, it gently rose from the water, extending its snout to the dog’s face. What followed was a brief and tender moment where the dolphin planted a gentle kiss on the dog’s snout. The dog, seemingly surprised but not alarmed, wagged its tail in response, acknowledging the friendly gesture.

After the affectionate exchange, the dolphin, perhaps exhilarated by the interaction, began to leap and twirl in the water. Each jump seemed higher and more triumphant than the last, as if the dolphin expressed joy and excitement. The dog watched in awe, its tail wagging faster, clearly entertained by the dolphin’s acrobatics.

It seems like woman and man may have some competition when it comes to being a dog’s best friend.

Dolphins and dogs are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, and a recent report confirms that in some ways, the marine mammals are extremely similar to humans.

Dolphins are so distantly related to humans that it’s been 95 million years since we had even a remotely common ancestor.

Yet when it comes to intelligence, social behavior and communications, some researchers say dolphins come as close to humans as our ape and monkey cousins.

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