Giant Squid Suddenly Wrap around Paddle Board, Make the Man Fall into Water

This is the remarkable moment that a giant squid clambers onto a surf board in Merkbosstrand, South Africa.

James Taylor, 39, was paddle boarding with his wife Christina when he spotted the giant squid which he believed was injured.

He lowered a rope to help the squid but the giant sea creature instead decided to hitch a more comfortable ride and wrapped its tentacles around the board.

James Taylor, 39, was paddle boarding with his wife Christina when he spotted the giant squid

A wave comes as the squid gets a firmer hold on the board just as James goes tumbling into the ocean.

It is not clear what happens next but both James and his partner clearly made it back to shore safely, but they did not comment on what ever became of the giant squid.

James posted the incredible video on Instagram and wrote: ‘Spotted an injured giant squid just behind the waves in Melkboss a while back and decided to try and get it to the beach.’

He believed the sea creature was injured and threw a rope around it to bring it to the shore

James is no stranger capturing moments on camera. 

The South African co-created FanCam, a company which delivers in-depth photographic coverage of events by digitally stitching 100′s of high-resolution pictures together to create one giant, hyper-detailed composite image of an event.

According to the company, this means that the image is big enough to identify each and every person in a stadium crowd of 90,000.

The giant squid got closer to James and his board as they floated off Merkbosstrand

The giant squid video caused quite a stir on social media, quickly racking up 46,997 views on Instangram. 

Many people were amazed by the the video but some people expressed concern for the giant squid’s welfare and some people questioned the wisdom of trying to bring an injured squid to the beach.

haappycat wrote: ‘Why would you take it to the beach? Because you guessed it was hurt, you get to decide it gets to die?’

The giant squid then wrapped its tentacles around the board and started to clamber up

And rabbit_hearts wrote: ‘What requires you to take a suffering marine animal and torture it some more out of the water just because it’s injured?

Are you a marine biologist or was your ‘research’ really just opportunistic curiosity?

While liv_simps wrote: This is quite clearly harming it? How do you know you’re not injuring it more? 

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