Stealthy Octopus Jumps Out of Water and Surprise Attacks a Crab

It seems like a highly unlikely case but extraordinary footage has emerged of what appears to be an octopus attacking a crab.

Believed to be filmed in Yallingup, a town southwest of Western Australia, a beachgoer is quite aptly shocked by what she has witnessed.

The footage begins as the crab edges closer to a rockpool, seemingly testing the waters.

In a recent video uploaded on Facebook, a crab is filmed edging closer to a rockpool in Yallingup, a town southwest of Western Australia

But much to its unforeseen misfortune, a swift moving octopus launches at the crab and drags it back into the water.

The woman filming the scene, believed to be Porsche Indrisie, certainly got more than she bargained for when she decided to film the crab. 

‘There’s an octopus eating a crab!’ she yells as the tentacled sea creature shoots out of the water and tries to swallow the crustacean whole.

Suddlenly, an ocotpus shoots out of the water and attacks the crab then drags it back into deep waters

‘I didn’t know why I chose to film this crab, but thought I would try and get closer to it but something else beat me to it,’ Ms Indrisie later wrote under her video which she uploaded on YouTube.

‘The best and unexpected video I’ve ever captured!’

She also placed the footage on Facebook on Thursday which has since gained 173,682 views and 4,145 shares.

Suddlenly, an ocotpus shoots out of the water and attacks the crab then drags it back into deep waters

Ms Indrisie was evidently left stunned by what she had just observed, simply saying at the end of her 49 second video: ‘Holy s**t!’.

Octopuses are well known for their stealth approach to prey. They use slow approaches combined with their camouflage abilities to get within striking distance.

The arms and web form a functional gape that is equivalent to a large mouth. It is a sophisticated evolutionary development.

This was all witnessed by Porsche Indrisie, who later shared the footage online

Octopus gets crabby in Yallingup

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