Man builds Tiny picnic Table for Squirrels to Repay the Joy of Watching them in his yard

Sure, squirrels really don’t seem to mind eating off the ground. 

But that didn’t stop Rick Kalinowski from offering them a slightly more dignified spot to enjoy their meals.

Kalinowski has always been a fan of the squirrels who call his yard home — and he wanted them to know it. So, using some wood he had lying around, he decided to craft a tiny picnic table for them, nailing it to his fence out back.

When the project was complete, he laid out a tasty spread of nuts on the teeny tabletop just for them.

Kalinowski’s adorable creation didn’t go unnoticed.

Before long, the first fluffy-tailed dinner guest arrived — plopping down on the itty-bitty bench, not unlike a mini human might.


The squirrels, who often visit the table twice a day, have yet to leave a tip after their meals — but their eagerness to use the table suggests that it’s a welcome addition to their mealtime routines.

“I really believe they love it,” Kalinowski told The Dodo.

Here’s footage from one such visit:

Though the squirrels are certainly getting their fill thanks to Kalinowski’s creation, they’re not the only ones left feeling satisfied.


A man built a tiny picnic table for squirrels in his garden after losing his  job, and now it's become a full-time business | Business Insider India

Kalinowski positioned the tiny table just outside the window where he has his morning coffee — making himself, in essence, their daily breakfast companion.

In the end, the tiny table that Kalinowski built was a way of giving back — repaying the squirrels for the joy he’s gotten from watching them in his yard. And their full bellies and happy faces say thank you in return.


“I appreciate them and they appreciate me,” Kalinowski said.


“I appreciate them and they appreciate me,” Kalinowski said.

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