Lupin the House Panther Steals Hearts with Daily Shenanigans

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An Orlando couple adopted Lupin, the kitten, when he was two months old. Lupin is a gorgeous house panther, a Bombay kitten with a shiny black nose, whiskers, and bright copper eyes.

While Bombay cats originated in Kentucky, they resemble tiny domestic black panthers.

laviedelupin, Lupin the rescued black kitten, Bombay, Orlando, Florida Images and media via Instagram/laviedelupin

Very quickly, the kitten’s mom, Chrissy, discovered that he has “orange cat energy,” with constant amewsing antics. We know all about that!
“Enjoy the tiny murder mittens. 🐾”

Lupin the adopted Bombay kitten peeks under the covers

Lupin the adopted Bombay kitten peeks under the covers
“Living with a black cat is definitely entertaining at all times. 🤣🐈‍⬛” she said.

Chrissy with Lupin, laviedelupinChrissy with Lupin. Images and media via Instagram/laviedelupin
A Kitten Thief of Hearts

Lupin’s name came from the Lupin TV series starring French actor Omar Sy, who plays a professional gentleman thief. Taking after his name, the kitten grew into a sometimes-sock thief. But he also quickly stole his mama’s heart and became her “Bombay bestie.” His daily shenanigans have also stolen thousands of hearts online.

At five months, the kitten became his mom’s constant companion and best friend.

“I absolutely love this silly little guy! Although he’s only 5 months old, he has the biggest personality for a cat, ever. He’s my little pain in the behind best friend. 🖤”

An all-around animal lover, Chrissy found that “cats are the best type of pet ever.” At five months, Lupin was mostly sweet, but still a rambunctious kitten.

Daily black cat shenanigans, Lupin the Bombay cat, laviedelupin

At seven months old, he was constantly being hilarious, wanting to play anytime he saw Mom.

He’s a wild child who loves to strike funny poses and give a “bombastic side eye.” Rather than a mini-panther, Chrissy says he’s more of a “crab-walking tiger,” arching his back comically.

Do cats do this to make their humans laugh? We think they do!

Crab-walking cat, Lupin, laviedelupinA crab-walking professional
Other times, he’s like a parrot perched on her shoulder.

But Lupin’s superpower is crab-walking, a skill that has made thousands laugh online.
“Oh crap, there’s a door there!? 🫣🤭🤣 Lupin is just the goofiest cat ever.

Not a day goes by where he’s not doing something hilarious. 🤣😂,” Chrissy shared.

Chrissy and her family are so happy with their kitty and know for sure that black cats are good luck. He brings daily joy and grew into such a handsome house panther.
Here he is at the holidays looking stunning!

Lupin the Bombay cat at Christmas timeLupin the Bombay cat at Christmas time
“Je suis Lupin 😊🐈‍⬛👋🏼”

Lupin grew into a handsome house pantherLupin grew into a handsome house panther
The Purrfect Companion

As he grew, Lupin also evolved into quite the Parkour expert. Running through the home at top speed, he bounces off the walls. You never know what this comical cat will do next. And, unlike other pets, he doesn’t ever need to go outside, a purrk that Chrissy and many cat lovers appreciate!
“See you indoors, losers. 😹😸”

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