Mama Bunny and Cat Join Forces to Raise their Newborn Babies Together

It can be difficult to be a new mother. Sometimes, you just need a little help, and it seems as if this also passes over into the animal kingdom.

We see it quite clearly when Amy, a bunny, got some unexpected visitors. She had recently had a litter of bunnies and then she found some kittens in her hutch.

As shared on TikTok, those kittens were from Chrissy, and rather than complaining about the extra mouths to feed, Amy decided to team up with Chrissy and help her out.

Friends from birth [tt@roberson.creek.farm] : r/AnimalsBeingBros

The hutch was set up by Destiny Hampton to help the rabbit care for her brood.

The human mother at first was concerned that they might fight or hurt each other. She understands how to care for animals because she is a wildlife rescuer who owns Roberson Creek Farm in Tobaccoville, North Carolina.

She shared on TikTok that she didn’t know if she should separate the babies or leave them together: As things progressed, they found out that both of the mothers were stressed over the situation and stopped feeding their young.

The animals weren’t getting along well at first, with the mothers taking care of the kittens but Chrissy feeding the baby rabbits.

It seems as if Chrissy knew that the bunnies needed some extra attention because Amy was only feeding them once per day. She shared on TikTok that she separated them, but decided to put them back together in the end.

It seems being together is what was best for the “cabbits” because once they were reunited, the kittens and bunnies were both doing better. The mama bunny fed her babies, and the mama cat cared for her kittens. Together, they really made a great team.

Photo: TikTok/@roberson.creek.farm

What’s sweet is that the mama rabbit was especially fond of the kittens and kept trying to mother them over her own bunnies!

Thankfully, between both mamas, the kittens and bunnies were having their needs met.

Nature is weird.

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