African Rain Frogs are Famously Known As The Grumpiest Frogs In the World

One look at these frogs and the first thought that might come to your mind is, “What made these creatures so sad?

” But no, it is just how these black rain frogs appear. These frogs are native to the Southern Coast of Africa.

They live in burrowed tunnels that are around 6 inches deep.

What makes the African rain frog unique is its ability to stretch up to a maximum of two inches long, despite being tiny in size.

These frogs belong to a burrowing species that reside in forest fringes. This is why they do not need to be in the presence of open water in order to survive.

Catch A Sight Of African Rain Frogs That Look Like Angry Avocados

Whenever these creatures feel threatened, they puff up and take on an aggressive pose by expanding its body.

The African rain frog puffs up while it burrows because the increased body size will make it hard for predators that attempt to drag the creature out of its hole.

Meet The World's Grumpiest Frog | Frog, Weird animals, Pet sitters

In the mating season, the female African rain frog discharges a sticky substance to prevent the male from falling off its back. This phenomenon is known as adhesive amplexus.

This depicts how the female does not want to let go of the male rain frog.

Meet the World's Grumpiest Looking Frog

I guess in modern times we call it being loyal. When the female lays eggs inside the burrow, the male remains within the burrow guarding the eggs until the baby African rain frogs come into this world.

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Meet the World's Grumpiest Looking Frog

As sad as an African rain frog.

Grumpy is my middle name.

Like a creature that came right out of a horror movie.

Just chilling on top of some moss.

Now, aren’t I a chubby frog?

Just look at how sad those eyes are.

An animal? Or a lump of coal?

Looking like a character from a pokemon series.

Now, this is the definition of creepy.

Imagine waking up to this face.

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