Hilarious Gorillas Tried to Avoid the Rain, Funny Manners Like Human

THIS is the hilarious moment gorillas show they are just like us when they try to stay dry during a rain storm at a zoo.
The four adult western lowland gorillas can be seen covering under a public viewing space in their enclosure at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina.

In the video taken on May 3, two baby gorillas are seen clinging to their mothers who are trying to stay dry in the downpour.

 This the moment a mother gorilla peeks out during a rain storm at a zoo

A mum peeks out at the unsavoury weather as her baby holds onto her before she decides it is best to stay dry and retreats further in the viewing space.

One of the adults then bolts into a room inside their domain. The two protective mothers and their babies quickly follow.

In the footage, the gorillas are seen grimacing in a humanlike manner as they show their disdain for the weather.

 The second mother gorilla bolts out of the rain while her baby clings on to her at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina

The last and largest gorilla makes their way toward shelter, but bares his teeth in disgust at the damp conditions before darting deeper into the enclosure.

Families are seen in the background observing the all too relatable behaviour.
The zoo shared the video and wrote on Facebook on May 8: “Gorillas don’t like getting caught in the rain either.

“Our keepers spotted the family troop as they were heading inside to avoid last Friday’s downpour.”
The video has been viewed more than 7.5million times and zookeepers said they can see why.

 The largest gorilla pulls this relatable face as they follow the others in seeking more shelter

Brooke Hunsinger, the mammal keeper who originally shared the footage, wrote in the caption: “Gorillas are magnificent, majestic creatures full of grace and beauty… except when it rains.”

The zoo currently has two female and three male gorillas. These gorillas’ natural habitat is the tropical rain forests of western Africa.

 One gorilla looks up at the rain as the rest are trying to stay dry

However, their land is threatened by poaching who hunt them as food and for the use of their body parts in medicine and charms, by habitat loss, particularly to the timber trade, and even diseases such as Ebola.

 One of the mother gorillas makes the first move to get out from the dry space

Feeling miserable in the rain? These gorillas too

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