Mama Cat Unconditionally Accept Orphaned Mouse as a Part of her Newest Litter

A fact that we are well aware of since the day we were brought into this world is that cats and mice are mortal enemies. Even cartoons such as Tom and Jerry portray this animosity between cats and mice. However, once in a blue moon, there can be exceptions and this is one such instance.

The mother cat in our story adopted a tiny mouse as a part of her litter. The heartwarming video footage of this relationship has gone viral and managed to capture everyone’s hearts.


The momma cat brought a gorgeous litter of kittens into this world.

Similar to all mother figures, she too began being attentive to the needs of her offspring and ensured that they received her unconditional love and care. She made it her duty to feed and protect them. One of her kittens looked different in comparison to the others in the litter.

This unique member of the family turned out to be none other than a mouse.

The mouse somehow managed to find its way into the litter and to everyone’s surprise the cat mother accepted this outsider with open paws.

The owner of the cats, Angela, was shocked to observe the mother cat welcome the mouse with open arms and allow the mouse to be part of the cat family.

This was when the human decided to capture footage of this rare occurrence and share it on TikTok for the rest of the world to see.

The videos have managed to garner more than 16 million views and everyone was thrilled to see such an unusual friendship.

“There’s this little mouse. All nice and cozy. I don’t even know what to do with him,” Angela expressed her disbelief regarding this one-of-a-kind friendship.

The mother cat shares food and warmth with the tiny mouse. Meanwhile, the kittens appeared to be confused about their extraordinary-looking sibling but did not pose any threat to the mouse when the small creature snuggled up against their warm fur.

Though it is difficult to determine what gives rise to this sort of behavior, maternal instincts could be a contributing factor. Despite how this beautiful friendship came into being, it is undoubtedly admirable.



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