Playful Sea Lion Pup Plants Huge Kiss On Snorkeler in incredible Footage

This is the incredible moment when a playful seal pup plants a huge kiss on a snorkeler

The incredible footage that captured the moment a diver gets up close and personal with a group of sea lions was posted on Facebook.

One of them, though, was feeling particularly friendly and climbed up the man’s body to give him a big kiss on the lips.

The curious marine mammal is equally intrigued by the camera, pressing his snout against the lens in an attempt to learn more.

To the astonishment of two others in the snorkeling party, it suddenly leans against the diver’s torso and plunges back into the sea.

However, before the aquatic mammal gets too far away, it notices those swimming close and pauses to investigate them while snorkeling.

The sea lions in their pod stay close by, periodically popping their heads up from the murky depths.

The video, which was shot in June 2014 but just recently surfaced on Reddit, is not the first time Mr. Bala has revealed his intimate encounters with sea lions.

Here’s the full video of the encounter:

Between August and April, travelers flock to Puerto Madryn to see the creatures in their natural habitat.

Underwater life is really quite beautiful. Diving will help you discover a whole new world that you never even knew existed before.

Sometimes, there is nothing more stunning than being surrounded by a school of fish, or by the amazing coral reefs.

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