Brave Man Risks his Life to Push Hippo back to the Zoo, and Saves Visitors

Visiting the zoo can be one of the most interesting activities that one can do. A person gets close to nature and understands how an animal lives or what they do.

However, at times, visiting the zoo can also be a danger if a specific animal runs out of its closure.

Recently, a viral video showed a hippopotamus coming out of its enclosure and a security guard trying to push it back in for everyone’s safety.

Security guard puts back hippo in its enclosure.(Twitter/@B__S)

This is an old video that is going viral once again. In the footage, a security guard can be seen lightly slapping the enormous animal in an attempt to drive it back into the water.

The hippo responds by opening its mouth in a display of might. But one smack isn’t enough to deter the wild mammal.

The security guard keeps at his antics to gain control over the situation but what seems horrid is the way the hippo opens its mouth wide.

The hippo eventually turns around and leaves. The post’s caption read, “Security Guard risking his life to save incredibly unalarmed zoo visitors from a hippo.”

While a section of animal lovers were disappointed to look at the way the situation was handled, many showed concerns about the guard’s safety.

A user commented, “This is painful but also scary. Hippos are known as territorial animals, and will become aggressive to defend it.”

Another wrote, “This poor guard is doing duty without any proper training and safety gear. He wouldn’t know that a hippo could rip him apart in a few microseconds.”

The footage has amassed over sixty-one thousand views. If the video is anything to go by, it appears the security guard did not sustain any injury during the incident.

Moreover, it also seems he wasn’t trying to hurt the hippo, just scare it off to move into the water again.

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