Spotted Wood Owls Fearlessly Share Affectionate Moments, Cuddling in a Tree at Pasir Ris Park

Owls are known to be nocturnal animals that snooze in broad daylight.

But it looks like we might’ve interrupted a hoot-tiful moment of a lovey-dovey couple under the sun.

On Monday (7 Feb), photographer Ismail Jasman shared photos of an owl couple cosying up to each other in a tree in the Birds Of Prey Facebook group.

owl couple pasir ris

Netizens flocked to leave comments on the post as they couldn’t resist swooning over the beautiful captures.

Spotted wood owls share a loving moment in Pasir Ris Park

owls pasir ris

Around last weekend, Mr Ismail discovered a pair of spotted wood owls sitting upon a tree at Pasir Ris Park.

The 2 large earless heads were rubbing against one another as if to embrace the warmth from their significant other.

owls pasir ris

With his Sony A9 II digital camera, Mr Ismail captured the couple’s tender moment. Then, the larger-sized owl, presumably the male, planted a kiss on the female’s head.

Another photographer, Frankie Low, witnessed the female returning her love, giving a peck on her loving partner’s head.

owls pasir ris

They seemed to be enjoying their intimate moment as the birds smiled and stayed close to one another.

We guess the couple doesn’t mind being owl by themselves.

owls pasir ris

Netizens swoon at adorable moment

Nature enthusiasts flocked to the post and left wholesome comments.

One comment pointed out that this owl couple was perhaps celebrating Valentine’s Day in advance.


Another Facebook user praised the photographer’s skills as he could immortalise many picture-perfect moments of the couple.


While most of the owl couple’s supporters gushed over the adorable pictures, one commenter told Mr Ismail that he was lucky to have witnessed this “beautiful moment”.


It seems like Pasir Ris Park’s devoted couple has earned everyone’s support.

Spotted wood owls are critically endangered

Spotted Wood-Owl - eBird

According to NParks, spotted wood owls are Singapore’s largest and most spectacular owls.

The tarsus feathered species may be found in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and other parts of the island. But it’s rare to see one, let alone two, as these owls are critically endangered.

Spotted Wood-Owl - eBird

Cheers to long-lasting romance

The owl couple has warmed our hearts, proving that animals are just as capable as humans in expressing their love towards one another.

Spotted wood owls caught snuggling on camera at Pasir Ris Park -  Mothership.SG - News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

If you ever chance upon a romantic affair between the owl couple, you may want to avoid interrupting them and take in the beauty of Mother Nature elsewhere.

Mothership on X: "Spotted Wood Owl couple in Pasir Ris Park are proud  parents of 2 baby owlets https://t.co/WcCQxjZ03K https://t.co/xX9P9M2K9J" /  X

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