Sad Squirrel Refuses to Leave her Tree Home Which being CUT Down

A yard worker was cutting down a tree on someone’s property when they suddenly realized it wasn’t empty.

A little black squirrel who called the tree home was hanging on for dear life, and even though it was coming down, she wouldn’t budge.

“She refused to go,” Theresa Carroll, owner of Halfway Home Wildlife Rehab, wrote on Facebook.


Distraught, the tree trimmer carefully got the squirrel out of the tree. She seemed incredibly young, and her mom wasn’t around, so she was transferred into the care of Halfway Home Wildlife Rehab.

The poor squirrel had loved her home so much and wasn’t sure what to do as it came down around her. Luckily, she was spotted in time, and now she’s getting a chance to recover from her ordeal. She’s very shy but overall super healthy, and that’s what matters.

The squirrel is recovering nicely, and soon enough, she’ll have a brand-new tree to call home.“She will go back to the wild in a month and will be released here on our property,” Carroll told The Dodo.


Sad squirrel returns to the stump where his tree home once stood

Imgur user NeedMoreSun posted two heartbreaking photos Thursday of a squirrel returning home to his tree — only to discover that it’s been partially chopped down.

“This squirrel used to live in this tree,” NeedMoreSun wrote. “Two weeks ago our neighbors decided to cut it down.

“This is the first time I’ve seen him back standing where his house used to be,” the user added.

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Commenters are rallying behind the evicted squirrel, even suggesting ways to help the lil’ guy out.

“Build a little house nearby with a feeder with large nuts so fewer birds come,” one person suggested. “Then he’ll at least have somewhere to hang.”

Squirrels of America, please reach out if you have an open space in your tree.

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drunk squirrel stuck on top of tree stump!

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