Giant 40lbs Serval Cat Scared by Dog, Runs Away for 3 days before Reuniting with owners

Spartacus is a 40-pound African serval cat and the very definition of “handsome”.

This 40-Pound African Cat Is Reunited With His Owners After Running Away  And Spending 3 Days In The Wild | Bored Panda

He was adopted from a zoo four years back and has been living with his human family in Merrimack, New Hampshire. It is also important to acknowledge that the family owns him by legal means and even procured a permit from the state’s department.

Recently, Spartacus had gone missing because he was startled by the family doggo. The poor creature had gotten scared to the extent that he ran away. Fortunately, he has been found and we are glad to say that he is doing alright. “The dog didn’t want to come in last night. So, my wife opened the front door. The dog and the cat spooked each other and off he went. He’s gone,” expressed one of the serval cat’s owners.

Spartacus’ family was concerned about their beloved cat and did not hesitate to search for the cat in the woods even though it was dark. They even informed the police regarding their missing pet. The police officers found the task to be quite difficult because they had no idea as to what a serval cat looked like.

Merrimack’s animal control officer, Haylie Gulino had to show the policemen an image of a serval cat in order for them to get an idea about the appearance of this animal. “They had no idea; I had to show them a picture of what they normally look like. So, like I said, this was uncharted territory. It was out of the norm for most people here,” Haylie conveyed.

Three days later Spartacus was discovered trapped near his home. Luckily, he was in good health and returned to his family. They were very happy to be reunited with their loving serval cat. “Spartacus is home safe and warm. I personally can’t express my gratitude enough! I have a bond with this cat and he is my person,” his owners wrote on Facebook.


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