Whale Shark Overturned Boat in Collision, 2 Women thrown near Giant creature in Dangerous

Whale sharks are considered the world’s largest fish in the ocean. Unlike deadly sharks, these spotted aquatic animals are quite gentle beings and are usually slow-moving. Although it is not advised to go near them, whale sharks usually don’t attack humans.

Watch: Whale Shark Topples Boat Throwing Two Women Dangerously Close To It  - News18

However, being the world’s largest fish, they are quite powerful and even possess the capability of toppling boats. A similar incident happened with two women were thrown into the water after a whale shark collided with their boat. The now-viral video was shared on Twitter On December 15 by an account named Overtime.

Whale Shark Topples Boat Throwing Two Women | #shorts | News18 Telugu

The clip opens with two women, wearing life jackets, swimming in the water. A boat can be spotted at a distance, with a man rowing it. Although according to the viewer’s perspective, the women are assumed to be having fun in the waters, the latter part of the video reveals a completely different and somewhat scary scenario.

The visual footage soon changes to the underwater premises, where much to the shock of social media users, a gigantic whale shark is seen gurgling large quantities of water, sending ripples on the surface. It is presumed that the two women might have fallen off the board when the whale shark collided with the boat. Although the giant fish does not seem to be in attack mode, the two women seem to have received a bolt from the blue at the sudden encounter.

Whale Shark Topples Boat Throwing Two Women Dangerously Close To It |  #shorts | News18 Punjab - YouTube

“I’m never going in the ocean again,” reads the caption of the tweet. As soon as the video surfaced on the microblogging platform, the Twitter population rushed to the comments to share their reactions to the wild encounter.

Calling them harmless, one user wrote, “Those are whale sharks and are gentle giants. You can snorkel and see them in Cebu Philippines… don’t worry they won’t bite you.” “Lol whale sharks aren’t dangerous but I’d freak out too,” added another. A third individual, on the other hand, was quite sceptical about the visual clip and thought the video to be a hoax. “This video is fake… Where is the bottom of the boat? And light refracting from the gray of the water… tooo blue,” he commented.

Scary Viral Video Shows Whale Shark Nibbling Snorkelers in Philippines -  News18

A whale shark approaches a feeder boat off the beach of

Although there is no clear indication of whether the viral video is authentic or not, the clip is indeed amusing for sure. So far, the Twitter post has amassed over 11 million views and received more than 227.9k likes.

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