Zombie Shark, Dead Giant Squid, Other Eerie Sea Animal Remains Found in Abandoned Aquarium

A YouTuber recently shared a video of her exploring an abandoned aquarium in Spain. She filmed the moment she made an eerie discovery of various animal remains left there to rot, including the mummified remains of a shark.

Juliette, a 24-year-old French woman who goes by the pseudonym by Juj’ Urbex on YouTube and TikTok, went with her friends inside the aquarium when they found the zombie shark in a tank, a giant squid on the floor, and other dead animals.

After posting it on TikTok, the video immediately went viral, with almost five million people having already watched it.

Zombie Shark, Dead Squid, Other Eerie Animal Remains Found in Abandoned Aquarium

The Horror: An Urban Explorer’s Eerie Exploits in an Abandoned Aquarium

In her TikTok video, captioned, “The horror. See my exploration and you will be shocked!” Juliette showed that she entered the window of an abandoned aquarium in Spain. According to New York Post, urban exploration has been her passion for four years and the recent pursuit is only one of her eerie exploits.

Images of this 'zombie' shark will haunt your nightmares forever - Yahoo  Sports

She encountered a ghoulish array of dead ocean creatures, such as a skeletal starfish and a massive pink squid. But the most impressive in her find was that of the decomposing corpse of a shark. Juliette said that this zombie shark evoked something that can only be found after an aquatic zombie apocalypse, which perhaps caught the attention of many of her viewers.

Speaking in French, Juliette noted that the shark was completely moldy when she and her friends found it. Upon closer look at the shark’s head, she showed the two rows of the marine creature’s sharp teeth on the video. She said in a voice-over that finding the zombie shark made their urban exploration more interesting and spectacular.

Eerie Moment Urban Explorer Finds Dead Squid And Shark In Abandoned Aquarium

As Yahoo! News reported, the thick skin of the shark has already wrinkled and delayed while it sits with its mouth open displaying its sharp rows of teeth. Also, the shark’s eyes are completely clouded. Juliette also said in her video that throughout their exploration, it was clear that the abandoned aquarium had been vandalized. Watch the full video at the end of this article.

The Role of Zoos and Aquariums Play in Protecting Endangered Species

The urban explorer did not disclose the exact location and name of the abandoned aquarium or how it came to its current state. Nonetheless, some commenters believe that the animals were already dead when the aquarium was still operating, given the size of their enclosures. Many of them were found in jars and have now dried.

Woman discovers 'zombie' shark inside abandoned aquarium

It is also no doubt that the aquarium had served its purpose in preserving different species when it was still in operation. According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), these places give people an opportunity to see the diverse and beautiful wildlife that lives on the planet.

Both zoos and aquariums worldwide offer an incredible close-up experience of viewing nature. There are over 230 top zoos and aquariums under AZA that work to provide safe habitats, medical care, and a nurturing environment for endangered animals.

AZA members work together to protect them through research and conservation, advocating for wildlife conservation and funding, and working with government agencies, institutions, and non-government organizations to establish conservation initiatives.

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