Florida Giant Gator Crashes into Home through Windows, Takes Hours to Be Driven Away

The large alligator broke into the home through some low windows.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Imagine waking up to an 11-foot gator inside your kitchen.

It’s what one Clearwater woman found lurking inside her home around 3:30 Friday morning.

11-foot gator breaks through windows, into kitchen of Clearwater home |

Mary Wischhusen called 911 after hearing a smashing sound and finding the giant gator in her kitchen.

“I have a gigantic alligator that came in through my garage… who is sitting in my kitchen,” she told dispatchers. “A huge one!”

11-foot gator breaks through windows, into kitchen of Clearwater home |

Dispatchers made sure she was safe and told her to stay put in her bedroom with the door locked.

11-foot gator breaks into home through kitchen window | CBS 17

“I’m not going anywhere Matt,” Wischhusen said in response.

Aggressive, 11-foot alligator busts through window of Clearwater home

Newspaper delivery driver Patricia Pecora was outside the home when the gator smashed its way inside.

“I would not have wanted to be woken up and opening my door to seeing that creature, because he was very very huge,” Pecora told 10News.

11-Foot Gator Breaks Into Clearwater Home, Heads For The Wine | Clearwater,  FL Patch

This 11 foot gator was so huge, officers called out two separate trappers. It took a team of 12 people several hours to get the gator back out the window it first came in.

Yikes! 11-Foot Alligator Breaks Into Florida Home - CBS Miami

“Maybe he saw it was the image of himself in the glass thinking it was another gator,” Pecora guessed about how the animal got inside.

Huge alligator smashed window to get into woman's house 'then drank her  wine' | Metro News

There were no injuries, according to the city and law enforcement.

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