Polar Bear Family, uninvited but Suddenly Appears to Wake up Research team’s Morning

The Arctic acts as a home to many extraordinary animals who thrive in the Arctic ecosystem. Only a handful of humans have had the privilege of encountering these one-of-a-kind creatures since you would have to travel to the north corner of the globe to observe them in real life.

On one fine day, Katarzyna Kudłacz, a meteorologist was making breakfast at her research station located in the small island of Spitsbergen. This was when she got the eerie feeling that she was being watched. Then Katarzyna turned around and she was able to notice that the unexpected guests were none other than polar bears.

Kudłacz and her fellow researchers working at the Polish Polar Station Hornsund are familiar with these animals as they have observed many polar bears in the area. Nevertheless, since polar bears are wild creatures the researchers ensure that they keep their distance. Though they are a common sight, it is rare for the bears to come up to the windows of their station.

This is the reason why the researchers were taken by surprise. Fortunately, Kudłacz and her peers were able to direct the polar bears away from the station. They utilized noisemakers to successfully drive away the group of bears consisting of a mother and two cubs.

“It was a wonderful experience. But also a bit stressful,” Kudłacz expressed. She also revealed that she and the other researchers did not feel the need for coffee that day because the visit paid by these unexpected guests was a wake-up call in itself. To Kudłacz, this is an unforgettable encounter with these curious creatures who were longing to explore their surroundings.

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The family of polar bears eagerly watched Kudłacz as she prepared breakfast. The video footage of the incident offers a clear depiction of how the polar bears behaved, so don’t forget to check it out. What would you do if you discovered an unusual visitor peeking from your window? Let us know in the comments.

Talking with WhatzViral, Daniel Kępski, Who is the Leader of the 46th Polish Polar Expedition said, “There is always one person on duty at our station. This person prepares meals for the others and watches over the station. On the morning of 27th March, Katarzyna Kudłacz, who works here as a meteorologist, was on duty. She was preparing breakfast when she noticed bears in the window. It was around 7 am. We see quite a lot of polar bears here, but they rarely come this close to the station. Katarzyna alarmed the others and started taking photos with her smartphone because there was no time to grab a decent camera. When the others woke up, we started making noise to scare the bears away and luckily, we only had to fire one noise flare into the air with the signal pistol to make them run away. We have guns with live ammunition here due to protect against polar bears but we always first try to scare them away. These bears were not aggressive, they just looked curious.”

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