Devastated Swan rushed toward Lost Love upon spotting her in the distance after Separation

Swans love their partners. According to Cornell Lab’s All About Birds, trumpeter swans generally mate for life, and many male swans who lose their mates never choose to mate again.

swan with blood on feathers

When Ann, a volunteer for Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC), recently noticed a swan in a local park with blood on his feathers, the concerned animal advocate contacted TWC’s rescue center for help.

woman saving swan

Rescuers soon arrived at the scene and carefully removed the injured bird from the park, then they brought him to the center for a full evaluation.

Knowledgeable team members planned to bring the bird right back as soon as he healed. But the bird, who was none the wiser, probably wasn’t sure if he’d ever see his partner — the female swan he shared his life with — again.

swan exiting carrier

TWC rescuers quickly located the source of the bleeding — there was a small cut on the swan’s beak. After cleaning and treating the wound, the team kept the swan for a few days of further evaluation to make sure he was OK.

Once he was ready, rescuers brought the swan back to the park.

Devastated Swan Takes Off Running When He Sees His Lost Love In The Distance  - The Dodo

As soon as the swan exited his kennel, he saw his partner in the distance. Overwhelmed by the sight of his lost love, the swan bolted toward her.

“It was like a magical romance moment from the movies,” Ann recounted in a Facebook post about the swans. “It was so beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like that in the last 12 years!”

Swan mates have magical "romance novel" reunion in viral TikTok

TWC rescue manager Andrew Wight was similarly moved.

“You could really see how happy they were to be back together,” Wight told The Dodo.

Widowed Swan Finds Lockdown Love After Tragedy

You can watch a video of the swans reuniting, filmed by friend of TWC Deborah Tait, here:

Staring lovingly at each other, the swans batted their wings back and forth, clearly ecstatic.

Finally healed, the swan returned to his life in the park, happy to be healthy and even happier to be with his partner.

To help other animals like this swan, make a donation to Toronto Wildlife Centre. 

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