Baby Tiger Who Has Been Rejected By Its Mom, Develops Friendship With A Puppy

Many people think that wild animals should be kept in captivity, but the truth is that there’re unlimited reasons why they should not be! The biggest reason is that they lose their motherly instincts overtime when they are captivated!

This story speaks about a small tiger cub, who finds family in a friendly canine after being rejected by his mama!

The Bengal tiger cub, Hunter, was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a very nervous hard time for the staff there after the cub being abandoned by his mama!

They tried their best to find another animal to love him, until they found Chelsea, a little German Pointer, who directly loved him! The 2 animals have directly created a great bond and become best friends!

The time Hunter spent with Chelsea is supervised as Hunter is a wild animal. However, when Hunter becomes 6 months old, the 2 will have to be separated for the dog’s safety. How amazing! Watch the video below.

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