Family of 3 Crocodiles Nest on Sidewalk in India

A group of men in India made a shocking discovery when they found three crocodiles living underground in their neighborhood.

Residents claim they heard an obscure noise coming from the sidewalk, which appeared to be cracked, but once they took a closer look, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Three crocodiles broke through the cracked sidewalk from underground, looking for a way out.


In the clip, posted on Instagram by @mksinfo .official with more than 930,000 views, bystanders gathered together to capture the reptiles before they got loose.

One man, dressed in boots and a red outfit, used a tool to clamp down on the first cold-blooded creature.

As he worked on getting a handle on the crocodile, which was tossing its body back and forth, another croc emerged from underneath.


People chuckled at the frightening and unexpected appearance of the crocodile hidden underground.

The second croc slithered out of the broken cement and ran toward the cameraman, who jumped off the ground, propping his feet on a pole.

Meanwhile, the third reptile remained still, buried under the cement, only revealing its back.


However, if a screaming infant had been near it, the reptiles might have found some energy to make an attack.

New research has found that the amphibious predator — particularly the Nile crocodile — is “attracted” to the shrieking cries of terrified infants in ways unbeknownst to other wildlife, according to The Royal Society.

“The intensity of crocodile response depends critically on a set of specific acoustic features (mainly deterministic chaos, harmonicity and spectral prominences),” the data noted.


“Our results suggest that crocodiles are sensitive to the degree of distress encoded in the vocalizations of phylogenetically very distant vertebrates.”

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