Deer Family was Surprised by the “Strange Actions” of this Naughty Otter

Random otter wants a belly rub from a mother deer and her fawn.

This playful river otter in Ucluelet, BC wandered into a backyard and happened upon a fascinating group of companions: a mother deer and her two fawns.

Though the otter was a bit out of his element, he was immediately enthralled with these bizarre critters, and did his best version of a welcome dance.

Friendly Otter Meets Cautious Deer Family And Falls In Love - The Dodo

The deer, however, were not too keen on this frolicsome intruder, and didn’t want to play. The mama deer was a bit too concerned about her adorable newborns to entertain this strange new visitor.

The otter even showed his belly and asked for tummy rubs, but to no avail! The deer were simply not having it. The otter just couldn’t comprehend why the deer were being so aloof!

In the end, the unusual backyard friendship was not to be.

One has to give props to the otter for socializing outside of his friend group, though!



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