Chipmunk Brings Leaves to “Repay” the Man who often Gives him Nuts

A couple of years ago, shortly after moving into his house, Adam discovered he had some incredibly adorable neighbors.

They were chipmunks, living happily around his property. “I would always see them in my garden and yard,” Adam told The Dodo. “I have at least three that I’m aware of. This is my second year with the little guys.”

He decided to make their acquaintance. Adam began leaving the occasional pile of nuts out for the chipmunks to munch on, a friendly gesture to help keep their bellies full. And from there, they began to trust him.

Before long, the chipmunks didn’t even wait for Adam to put the snacks down.“I love our interactions,” Adam said. “It makes me feel like I’m connecting with nature.”

Admittedly, these are one-sided sorts of transactions. But Adam feels happy knowing the chipmunks aren’t struggling to survive.

However, the other day, while feeding a chipmunk, Adam actually got something in return.

Kind Man Offering Nuts To Chipmunk Gets An Unexpected 'Payment' In Return

Arriving to collect his treat, this chipmunk brought along a few leaves in exchange: Adam isn’t sure the leaves were meant as a payment, per se. He suspects that the chipmunk had been in the process of collecting bedding for his nest and simply set them down to grab some food.

But he enjoyed the moment regardless.“[An interaction like this] makes me believe in magic, as weird as it sounds,” Adam said.

Though the chipmunk might not have viewed the leaves as payment, Adam still senses that his kind gesture isn’t taken for granted.”I definitely think they appreciate the help filling their cheeks,” he said. “That comes as its own reward.”

Guy Offering Nuts To Chipmunk Gets An Unexpected 'Payment' In Return - The  Dodo


Form of payment: 🍁🐿️🍁

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