Watch a Man Pet a Great White Shark from His Boat in South Africa

This terrifying video of a fisherman stroking a great white shark’s awesome jaws has taken the internet by storm.

The shark pulled up next to the man’s boat in South Africa, and he can be seen bravely ‘petting’ its nose as it moves and shows off its awesome mouth – and enormous teeth.

The video was shot back in 2009, but has resurfaced again and is going viral.

The angler can be seen pushing the animal’s nose to get a better view of its jaws before it swims off.

We’re not sure about you, but we might have had a different reaction if a great white shark arrived boat-side while we were out at sea.

Another fisherman last week had a close-up encounter with a great white shark, when a five-metre animal lunged at his seven-metre fishing boat in Perth, Australia.

David Lock, 27, was fishing for salmon with his father Andrew off Fremantle at the time.

Dave said: “He was pretty placid at first but when the old man hooked up to a fish, he got interested.

“He has just launched and his head has landed on top of the side of the boat.

“I have jumped back, he would have had me otherwise. He touched my leg, it was that close.

“It was front on and mouth first. He has even taken a chunk out of the boat.”

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