Brave mother Hippo chased the Crocodiles away from her lifeless Baby

In this gripping footage filmed along the banks of the Luangwa River, a tributary to the Zambezi River in Zambia, a hippo mother chases a bask of crocs away from the body of a dead baby hippo, thought by the camera crew to be her baby.


The Circle of Life

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Nile crocodiles are well-known for their hunting skills and can grow to astounding lengths of up to five meters. When a hippo dies, it becomes a tempting meal for these crocs. It’s how nature recycles. Nothing is wasted.

Hippos: Social Guardians of the River

A Nile crocodile crushes the skull of a baby hippopotamus it managed to  steal away from its mother : r/natureismetal

Hippos are known for their gregarious and social behavior. They often coexist with their reptilian neighbors, the crocodiles – but not always.

In this instance, three hippos, including the mother, try to protect corpse of a baby hippo from the hungry crocs. It’s a primeval standoff where the river’s guardians unite against ruthless scavengers.

How do hippos usually react when crocodiles enter their territory? - Quora

Crocodile Cuisine: Crushing and Swallowing

Alison Leslie, an expert on Nile crocodiles, sheds light on the crocs’ unique feeding habits: when dealing with bones, they can bite with a pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, absolutely crushing their meal.

Tragic hippo tot is tossed around by crocodile after young animal is  snatched while its mother had her back turned | Daily Mail Online

Furthermore, they will vigorously shake the prey until softer parts like skin or innards slides effortlessly down their throat. Crocodiles operate with a surprising degree of cooperation, relying on each other to capture prey and employ synchronized movements to catch, kill, and consume.

Survival of the Opportunists

Why do crocodiles not eat the hippopotamus? - Quora

Crocodiles are opportunistic predators, feasting on fish and seizing any opportunity for a large meal, especially when resources are scarce. They often lie just below the water, just out of sight.

Wrapping Up

Baby Hippo Harasses Monster Crocodile

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