Hurricane-rescued squirrel finds Comfort solely in arms of its teddy bear, unable to sleep without it

When Hurricane Isaac hit, Jill was knocked out of her nest.
Luckily for the young squirrel, she was rescued by a nice family, and though she’d only meant to stay until she was a little older and stronger, she ended up staying for life.
Jill realized that life with her new family was pretty sweet.Now it’s been seven years since Jill moved in, and she is thriving.

On her Instagram page, she treats followers from all over the world to snapshots of her day to day life.

There’s a lot of whacky hijinks and an abundance of fabulous outfits.

And when it comes down to laying down for a good night’s rest, Jill’s trusty teddy is bound to make an appearance.

The tiny teddy is her permanent sleeping partner and she loves to snuggle up to it and clutch it tight to her chest.

The white little teddy bear fits perfectly in Jill’s loving arms.

She loves giving her cuddly friend a good squeeze.

And she loves to show off her buddy to the camera.

They make an absolutely adorable pair as they snooze together.

Squirrels are very intelligent animals, and Jill is no exception.


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